woolworths busker

Hard times in Fareham

I was inspired to go into town and do some Street Photography today, after watching a video on Vimeo. Some American guys who just wonder around the towns photographing people and general day to day life. Not having the car today, the only option available was Fareham, so off I went in search of interesting people.Whilst walking through Fareham today, listening to the optimistic messages of the latest Bon Jovi album, it struck me how hard times are for the people of local town, Fareham. In fact the more I looked, the more I noticed it. I had taken my camera with me and noticed a busker outside the front of what used to be Woolworths. A sad reminder of how poor things have got, I couldn’t help but wonder, if he had once been an employee? I couldn’t resist a quick snap of him, so here it is!woolworths buskerFurther down the road more or less outside my bank, I noticed an old guy say on a bench smoking, not very concerned with anything. It would seem that no matter how hard things are here, people are just getting on with it. Good for them I reckon, with bit of luck and hopefully a change of government we could be on the up! Here’s hoping._DGP2141

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